Using a Bungee Cord to Make a Curtain Bar

Framed Fabric Cheap Idea for Wall DecorUsing a Bungee Cord to Make a Curtain Bar

Framed Fabrics are unique yet it brings the word artsy in a whole different level. If you love crafts, I say this one’s for you. Crafting can absolutely fun, the more when it is going to be framed!


This Framed Fabric craft isn’t expensive at all. Have the a fabric that has intricate design, the more unique it is, the better. Just cut it out to any length you want, depends on how bog and long your frame is. Then, with that, you can frame that one up. I have another idea though. This one needs is a pattern. You can draw one or have someone draw it for you. Then you gather up fabrics Framed Fabric Cheap Idea for Wall Decor.

Any fabric of your choosing. You can choose old or new ones. Any will do. Like the photo above, the craft is colorful, therefore the better. So with your pattern, (by the way, it’s much better if the pattern is on an illustration board) get your fabric and make an outline of the pattern, then cut it. When all is ready, stick the fabric on the illustration board. Male sure you follow the pattern, stick it neatly.


You can use a fabric glue Framed Fabric Cheap Idea for Wall Decor or any glue that can make it stick. When it’s finished, let it dry. When it’s dried up, frame it Framed Fabric Cheap Idea for Wall Decor. Voila! You have your Framed Fabric. You can actually share this craft with your neighbors and friends. They will definitely love it! Show them your Framed Fabric first for inspiration. Make lots of these. Small and big ones. Make it as a gift, or you can even sell Framed Fabric crafts.


There are a lot of ideas thy you can do with the Framed Fabric. Be inspired with patterns, get in love with fabrics, and have fun making the craft! You will surely produce an amazing Framed Fabric.


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