Traditional Home Walk-in Closet Design

Traditional Home Walk-in Closet DesignTraditional Home Walk in Closet Design

Custom shelving for a walk-in closet helps to optimize the space that is used. Each design is unique to your unique needs. If you have many clothes you would like to hang up, you would have more hanger space. If your more of into purses and shoes, then you would have more shelf space. The emphasis of custom shelving is that each person gets one specific to their needs. However, even though each design is different, most walk in closets have at least the following three: shelves, drawers, and hanging space.

Shelves in a walking closet can be used to organize a variety of different things including purses, shoes, and boxes. Boxes can fit on the shelves and organize items even further. Shelves could also be used to place folded clothes or display your favorite items.


Drawers are a way to organize tiny items like jewelry or make up. The drawers can be used for organizing small items. Drawers can also be used to store clothes that are unused in the season or to placed folded clothes in. The dresser placed under the window is a nice place to put all the clothes.


The two hanging areas allow you to separate your clothes by type. If you would like, you could separate your clothes by whether they are pants and shirts or by the season or any other combination that pleases you.


The symmetry of the closet makes it easy to divide and share with another. Both sides have hanger space, shelves, and there are enough drawers to be divided. One side of the room could be devoted to your stuff while the other side is shared with the other.


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