Awesome Effect for Wall Paint

Awesome Effect for Wall PaintAwesome Effect for Wall Paint

Want to repaint your wall but bored with the same old plain paint that you have? Why not spice it up! I’ve got an idea just for you. I tried painting my wall just about a week ago using this idea and I could say that this is such an awesome way to paint walls. Are you wishing for a simple, yet one of a kind design on your walls instead of that boring, solid color that your paint rollers can do?

You can do wonders on your wall with a yarn and just a few simple steps! Let’s be artsy! It’s fun and your friends would surely be jealous once they see your wall. First, you need a few feet of yarn Awesome Effect for Wall Paint  of any thickness and color. One you have the yarn Awesome Effect for Wall Paint , wrap and secure it around your paint roller Awesome Effect for Wall Paint . You can tie it but to make it secure, you can stick the yarn on the paint roller. Now you’re ready.


You have to be careful when you dip the paint roller, because if you put too much paint on the rollers, it will produce a solid color instead of the yarn pattern we are trying to achieve. You can experiment. Try different kinds of thickness of the yarn you use to create different designs. The more you experiment, the more designs you can come up!


Thinner strands of yarn create more intricate designs while the thicker yarns have wider and more imposing lines. You can even combine both. Imagine and be creative. Happy Decorating!


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