Most Awesome Time Out Stool

Most Awesome Time Out StoolMost Awesome Time Out Stool

If you ever have a naughty toddler who needs to go to time out, this stool is a perfect tool. It acts as both an hour glass and a time out chair. The glass counts the minutes for you so you don’t need to. If the time out is longer than a minute, simply turn the glass over and sit on it as yet another minute flows.

The chair was made for young children, but it is elegantly styled. The stool has a vertical symmetry that is pleasing to the eye and allows for the glass to be used both ways. The legs of the stool are beautifully carved in a curved design. The flat ends of the stool are comfortable enough for sitting, but, at the same time, make a very sturdy foundation.


Glass is not often seen in chairs or stools, simply because it is hard to make a safe design that will not break easily. By inserting the hour glass, the wooden legs support the glass while the glass supports the base.


For a finishing touch, the stool was painted a navy blue color. The navy works very well with the color scheme of the room, blue and cream. However, if the color does not match your room, you could buy the hour class in a different color or paint over it. If you choose to paint over it, you would need to either buy a special paint or sand off the wax before painting. Sanding off the wax makes it easier for the paint to stick.


The time out stool is versatile in that it can be placed in any room in a house and still look like it is a part of the setting.


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