Sunken Shower

Sunken ShowerSunken Shower

Instead of having a raised shower, this bathroom uses a sunken shower. By having a sunken shower instead of a normal one, the placement of the shower is more seamless. If they had chosen a regular shower, than putting the shower in the middle of the room would look odd. Sinking the basin under the level of the rest of the room makes it seem a part of the floor plan. It also draws the eye to the beautiful glass shower.

The colors chosen for the shower further connect it to the rest of the area. The dark brown of the faucet and fixtures in the glass connect them to the dark color of the counters, the walls, and the shades. The tiles used in the inside of the shower are similar to the ones used outside. The main difference is the size of the tile. The similarities in the pattern tie the shower basin to the rest of the room.


The windows in the room let in a nice amount of natural light. The design on the window to the left prevents everything from being seen, but the shades and blinds on the windows allow them to be closed if necessary.The twin sinks and large counter space allows room for more than one person to use the room at the same time. The flowers placed around the room contrast well with the browns of the room and add a pop of color.


For a beautiful sunken shower like the one in the picture, you would have to get it specially installed. It is quite difficult to fit something below the level of the rest of the house. However, the look it gives your bathroom is definitely worth it.


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