Pretty Room

Pretty RoomPretty Room

This room uses a beautiful color scheme of blue, light brown, and white. There are also many different textures used throughout the room, like stripes, floral patterns, and checkered pattern. The various colors and textures come together to create the pretty room in the picture above.

The picture uses only blue colors for its sitting furniture. This common theme connects all their seating areas together. There are variations to the shade of blue used and with what color combinations, but, overall, they use blue. The couch has a floral pattern which is partnered with a checkered pillow and with pillows that have a different design. The lawn chair contrasts its striped cushion with a floral pillow. The pillow and couch use the same fabric pattern, connecting the separate pieces of furniture.


The two tables used in the room are white and each has a striped pot of flowers placed on top of it. These similarities connect the two pieces. The wall and ceiling have the same wooden striped look to it that the table does. This factor connects the table with the rest of the room.


By connecting the pieces of furniture with each other and the rest of the room, the decorator makes sure nothing looks out of place and everything looks like it should be there.


Making the walls white adds a neutral contrast with the blue of the furniture. It also makes the blue stand out more. The lighting is the room is wonderful, lighting up the whole room and making everything look sharper.


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