The Old Painted Cottage Unique Goods and Curious Finds

The Old Painted Cottage Unique Goods and Curious Finds

The different objects used in this room come together and create an old, rustic feel to the place. The place seems to be a mixture of unique items that come together and work with the setting.

The style of the chandelier, the candle holders, and table show similarities in color and style. The electric candles in the chandelier give the room an aged yet homey feel. The wooden candle holders have an antique look, since their style was popular in the earlier years. The table follows a similar pattern as the carvings on the holders. This connects the items together.

The mantle is a special place in a room. You could place any kind of items on it and they still look connected. Take the items on the mantle of the image. The man on his horse, the plate, and the candle holder placed on it individually share nothing in common. However, when placed on the mantle they contrast each other.

The glass cabinets are a beautiful way to display the collection of goods. It keeps all the items in one place instead of spreading them around the room. By compressing all the items in the cabinets, it reduces clutter and makes the room look neater. The lights glowing on the top shelf emphasize the plates on the shelves.

The marble lamp and the wicker baskets continue with the illusion of a cottage. The lamp on the side table provides low lighting that can help when reading. The wicker baskets hold important items and keep them organized under the table.


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