DIY Birch Plywood Bookcases

DIY Birch Plywood BookcasesDIY Birch Plywood Bookcases

Bookshelves are one of many things that look amazing in a room, but can be quite expensive. In this image, the bookshelves were made for much less than they would have if they’d been bought or installed. For tips on how to make lovely shelves like in the image, follow these tips:

Plan the design. Before going head first into the project, decide how you want to design the shelves. Do you want to be able to fit a television in the middle? Or will you use only the small shelves? Where do you want the shelves to go? After answering all the tough questions, get to measuring. To fit a television in the shelves, measure the width and length of it. It is smart to go a few inches over the actual length of the TV to account for any errors in cutting.


Choose a sturdy material that is strong and won’t break easily. Birch plywood is a popular wood used to make things like cabinets, shelves, and other objects. Birch has many layers that were attached to each other using resin. The many layers makes it stronger than other woods.


Cut the wood to the dimensions you need. When cutting the wood, be careful of the grain. The grain of the wood is the direction that the fibers are going. For example, they can go vertically or horizontally. For a shelf like the one in the image, you should cut the birch so the direction of the grain is horizontal. This will make it harder to break.


Assemble the shelves. You can attach the pieces using glue, nails, or other materials. Whatever the decision is, make sure it can withstand the weight you plan to put on it.


Decorate the shelves. Add decoration and the items you want to place on your shelves. If you feel they need color, you could paint them or use a wallpaper backsplash. Either way, your custom shelves have been completed.


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