Floating Desk

Floating DeskFloating Desk

A floating desk provides you with the room to work freely and the leg room to relax freely. Its also easier to carry without worrying about accidentally bumping a leg off of the desk. To create a desk like the one shown in the drawing, follow these directions:

Plan the design. If you would like to copy the design of the picture above, you will need a sheet of wood attached to a long piece of wood. This will act as the top of the desk. If you would like drawers in the desk, then you would smaller pieces to create the shape of the drawer. After the plan has been set, move to the next stage.


Gather the materials. The desk in the picture above required a sheet of wood two inches thick, a piece of board the length of the sheet, smaller pieces for the drawer, nails or wood glue, and cutting tools. First, cut the pieces to be the right length. The length of the sheet and the long board should be the same. The drawer should be small enough to fit under the top of the desk but large enough to hold items.


Assemble the pieces. To attach the pieces you could either use nails and screws or adhesive glue. The nails and screws used will likely be noticeable even after paint while the glue will not be as noticeable. However, at the same time, nails and screws are sturdier than using glue. Make the decision that best suits your needs and assemble the desk.


Sand, wax, and paint. Sand the rough edges of the desk to give it a smooth finish. After sanding, you can either paint the desk or wax it. This will give it a clear and shiny finish, making it look more professional.


Place the desk on the wall. The last step is to find a place to put the desk. The desk will need support, so find a wall that can support the weight of the desk. Screw or nail the desk to the wall and then your floating desk is complete.


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