Stained Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete FloorsStained Concrete Floors

Tired of looking at those boring concrete floors? Let’s bring them to life! I will show you how to stain your concrete floors to make it look fancy expensive like in those huge mansion homes.

First, purchased our Kemiko Stain & Sealer Stained Concrete Floors

, you can purchase it online using the link or if you want other colors, just search for their site and they can give you locations as to where you can get one near your place. To stain concrete, do some floor preparation. It is very crucial to have clean, dust free surface so that the stain can work right.


Next, apply stain with correct tools. After it’s stained, clean the concrete again. Then seal it afterwards. If you want the complete guide to staining concrete floors, click here.


Anyway, staining concrete floors not only can make your house look new, but it can also a great way of teaching you how to remodel floors into a completely different way! I haven’t heard a lot about stained concrete floors, but I see it mostly on TV and buildings, and I always thought it’s a very complex thing to do that only skilled workers can do the job. But I was wrong. I researched about staining concrete floors and I’ve learned how to do it on my own.


It’s kind of complex at first, but when you get used to it, it will be easy-peasy! You can ever share this brilliant home idea to your family and friends, to your neighbors or someone who needs remodeling idea for their home.  For more instructions on strained concrete floors, check out this article:


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