Makeup Table from IKEA

Makeup Table from IKEAMakeup Table from IKEA

If you need help organizing your make up, this IKEA table will be a lot of help. It has room for all the make up you have and places it in an organized manner. This table is 130 dollars and worth every bit of for the clean it provides.

The table comes in black, cream, and other colors. If it doesn’t come in the color you need, buy some paint and change it to match your décor. The table is thin in width yet long, so it doesn’t take up too much space. The style of the table is simple so that it can match any color scheme yet at the same time it is sleek and modern.


The single drawer is divided in to individual sections. Each section can be devoted to a certain type of make up. One compartment could have only blush, the other could have all eye shadows, or however you would like to organize it.


If you run out of room in the compartments, then you also have counter space to place your things. You could buy organizers or brush holders to separate things even farther.


The mirror in the picture was bought and attached separately from the table. You could do the same. Buy a mirror and hang it above the table so that you have something to look at when your getting ready.


Although the table was meant to hold make up, you could use it to organize other things. If you want help organizing your jewelry, the IKEA table could also help with that.


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