Shades of Blue

Shades of BlueBlue is a calming color. It’s clean and soothing – ideal for creating a soft, earhty space. The problem is finding the right shade of blue that works for your room.

Shades of Blue

We’ve rounded up the most commonly used shades of blue with our own personal thoughts on each:

Sky Blue – Fresh and vivid, this shade is guaranteed to bring energy to the room and its occupants. Perfect for casual seating like the living room.

Turquoise Blue -This shade complements other blues beautifully along with greens. The color is serene and trendy.

Pale Blue – For those with lots of white molding, select a pale blue for a zen-like room that will bring you peace and draw emphasis to the white color of the molding.

Cool Blue – A mature and regal blue that is ideal for a boy’s room. It’s a rich tone that makes a statement.

Aquamarine – For the bathroom, use a softer turquoise and bring a little bit of the sea into your home.

Periwinkle – A blue-purple that is lively and playful. Throw a splash of this into your living room or the game room and the fun will never end.

Midnight Blue –  This is the deepest shade of blue and one of the harder shades to work with on its own. Consider pairing it with a white creme or lighter colors

Teal Blue – For an attention getter, try a deeper shade of turquoise that is bold and fierce.

Silver Blue – One of our personal favorites, an ideal neutral blue for the dining room or formal living.

Gray Blue  – A color that is livelier than common grays but contemporary and excellent for serving as an accent shade.


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