Use Curtains to Frame the Bed

Use Curtains to Frame the BedUse Curtains to Frame the Bed

Use curtains to frame the bed. Love this idea, so warm and cozy looking. I have done this a dozen times! Just because I don’t have a huge headboard. Well, this is a quite fancy alternative, I must say.


To make bed look more classy, frame your bed using curtains on each side! Just like the photo above, two long curtains were used, hanged on each side of the bed. The color of the curtain complements the wall and bed color well. It’s an excellent choice! You can achieve it too.

Choose curtains that are of the right length of your wall and bed. Those curtains are not too short and too long. Because for short ones, it will not look so fab, as for very long ones, it will just accumulate dust on the floor, and the extra length will not look pretty on the floor. It will probably look great on art galleries and photoshoots, just not in the bedroom.


For the color of your curtains, the best ones are the ones that will match your walls, and your bed too. If you have a brown colored bed, any color would be fine, as long as the curtains will match your walls.


The colors that will look great in any color are white , grey, light brown , navy blue , beige, and cream . The fabric for the curtain used in the photo is an ideal one. It’s neat looking. Although what I have in mind also are laces. The white lace or cream lace curtains would look great! Because laces are trendy nowadays. Go and explore the endless possibilities. Happy Decorating!


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