Dramatic Decor of Your Baseboard

Dramatic Decor of Your BaseboardTo make your baseboard more dramatic, add small pieces of trim to the top of existing baseboard, add a few inches and add another piece of moulding. Paint the wall and trim white.

Dramatic Decor of Your Baseboard

Baseboards are the boards that are located exactly where the floor meets the wall. Not a lot of people know that they can be decorated to add more drama to the house. It is often just neglected, but did you know by decorating it, the overall appearance of the room will, change for the better.


Thankful for baseboards because it is a place to conceal the joint between the wall and the floor, otherwise the space would just become loaded with dust, get stuck with coins and whatnot. You can build up your baseboards up a little more than the ordinary by adding an additional baseboard, the same width and size of the one you already have.


This will make it look more dramatic. Add a few inches of space, then add another piece of moulding . For the decor, paint the wall in between the top of the old baseboard and the top of the new baseboard. Paint the new baseboard white. You can paint the space between the top and bottom baseboard another color. In the photo, it’s the the same color of the wall, which really adds drama.


Though any color that matches your decor will look nice. You can paint everything White and then paint the top of both baseboards another color, depending on your preference. Just mix and match. Get color inspiration online, on magazines. This is a great project for your home, especially when you are planning of remodeling or repainting it. It’s pretty cheap and easy, just follow the instructions and you’ll do great!


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