Kitchen Area Decor Recycle Idea

Kitchen Area Decor Recycle IdeaKitchen Area Decor Recycle Idea

Got old drawers or cabinets that you don’t use anymore? Why not make use of them as shelves for added storage and decor in your home. This, way you do not have to buy new cabinets or drawers.

All you have to do is make use of your old drawers and cabinets! Take a look at the photo above. Old drawers are used. They repainted it, although not fully to give a fancy vintage look. It’s all about decorating and designing. Also, if you want to add color for your kitchen, add a shot of color.

Paint the backs of open shelves in a saturated paint color (any color you want, mix and match). A tip, choose a color that will contrast strongly with the cabinet finish for a fancy color block look. The color you choose also depends on what you have in mind.


For example, picture out a collection of white dishware that looks luminous against a turquoise backdrop. White and Turquoise goes well together. For your wine bottles, you can remodel your drawers simply by putting an x on the center of the drawers.


This way, you can pile wine bottles just like in a store or in fancy restaurants. My color idea for this is gold or black .Timeless and elegant.just like the photo above, hang your shelves, this is a great idea for petite kitchens to make a space feel more expansive and simply for decors.


There are a lot of ways for your shelves. Just be creative. Happy Decorating! icon smile Kitchen Area Decor Recycle Idea


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