Mod Podge Family Pictures

Mod Podge Family PicturesMod Podge Family Pictures

Weeks ago, I saw this Mod Podge Family Picture Frame. It is pretty interesting. Aside from being a picture frame or collage, it can also be a decor. That got me giddy about this project! It’s quite unique and pretty classy because of the black and white photos.

This DIY project is perfect for decorating. It’s big and overpowering. It’s a letter. You can definitely make one yourself. You might find the M cardboard letter or any letter of your choice at a craft store. The things you’ll need are: Mod Podge ; tons of photos (black and white), you can print the photos using a bondpaper not photo papers because they are pretty stiff and difficult to work with; brushes ; scissors.


Print photos, at least 50 or depending on the size of your cardboard letter, print out pictures in every size possible – from full page to wallet sized. Then, I cut them out. Take a picture and laid it on the letter where you would like to place it, either scrunch it or cut it to fit. Then you mod podge it on the cardboard letter. Work with one photo at a time. When you get a crumpled side, especially the curve on the paper, just put a photo on top of it, that’ll be a quick fix to it.


A tip, work on the front area first and don’t pay too much attention to the inside or side of the letter. Once the front is finished, mod podge more photos to the inside and sides. This completely covers the scrunched areas. Once all the photos are in place, put a thin layer of mod podge all over the letter. Then you’re finished!


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