Love the Pop of Color in the Cabinets

Love the Pop of Color in the CabinetsLove the Pop of Color in the Cabinets Remodel your kitchen cabinets by simply painting it! Just by adding a color pop in the kitchen. At home, it’s been in full renovation mod. Every day there is a new project going on in the house. It’s a pretty refreshing feeling, it’s quite fun to see the before and after moments of the remodeling. This week I decided to add a pop of color inside the kitchen cabinets like what I see on online blogs and magazines. I used the color turquoise because I wanted something crazy bright. I chose a pretty bright white color scheme for the kitchen walls, so when I find do some cooking, the color just brightens up my mood for the entire day.   I love that now I will see a cheerful splash of color every time I reach for a coffee mug and whatnot. At the photo above, they used a lime or yellow green color, which is a great color and it the color just pops!   Although, if your taste is into bright colors, then use turquoise, yellow, aqua, even pink. For pastels, use sky blue, light pink or baby pink, peach, or light blue green. The pastel colors are good for sensitive eyes. They make the cabinets pop but with the pastel color, they won’t hurt your eyes more than the bright colored ones.   If you want to repaint your whole kitchen, you can use the black and gold Love the Pop of Color in the Cabinets theme for a fancy and elegant look. Have some color inspirations online or on your favorite clothes. Have fun decorating!


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