Landscaping: Tips for Your Backyard

Landscaping Tips for Your BackyardLandscaping: Tips for Your Backyard

Building brick paths and stone walls creates a beautiful landscape. It’s also hard work, but it could turn out into a hobby. These tips I will share with you will make you work smarter and faster and they’ll help ensure that your paths and walls will look as good in years as they do the day you finished it.

For making a path, use a standard chalk line reel . Stretch a string between stakes to create a layout line for setting bricks, which is the usual way, but simply snapping a chalk line in the sand is much quicker, and you won’t have a string in the way. With layout lines snapped on the sand, laying bricks is faster and easier for the job.


A tip though, chalk won’t stick to dry sand, so you might have to mist the sand with water before creating lines. An optional tip, to save your back from pain, use heavy-duty dollies, it can carry materials better and you won’t have to worry about back and hip pains at the end of the day.


They also can make the job faster, when used for transferring and carrying off materials like boulders and whatnot. When you have a garden, one way to not kill your grass when you are working there is to put a huge plywood on it, this will protect the grass, and you can do your job without killing the grass.


Dry sand usually gets washed away or swept out of paver brick and stone patio joints. One solution is to use special polymeric sand that binds together when wetted. Those are the essential tips for your backyard. Now, go and have fun decorating! icon smile Landscaping: Tips for Your Backyard


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