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Sticking Stone Tub So you have guests over one day and you really just want to impress them. But how? Let me tell you a little designer secret that I learned when I first started having clients. The bathroom and the kitchen are the two places that the most work should be put into. Why? The bathroom and the kitchen are the two places that guests will judge. Yeah, Yeah I know what you’re thinking, “You shouldn’t judge..” Yeah, you shouldn’t judge but your guests will secretly be judging you the entire time they’re in your home. Here’s another designer secret I learned early on, you should add the ‘wow’ factor to your bathroom. Basically, when a guest walks in they should go “Wow! This is gorgeous!” So, how exactly do you get this wow factor in the bathroom? You can start with getting a stone tub! No, you don’t have to tear out your plain jane tub and build a new one. I have a technique that will transform your plain tub into a beautiful oasis for you to soak and relax in.

For this project, you’ll use AirStone. What’s AirStone?  AirStone is a manufactured stone veneer containing 80% recycled materials. It means it’s lighter than real stone as well as concrete, and it’s Eco-friendly. You can buy it at your local home-improvement store.

You can use it for indoor and outdoor applications (on appropriate substrates). Plus, it’s affordable! Airstone comes in two colors, one is gray and the other is tan. If you’re into matching your walls and into vanity, try the gray color. You also need a caulk-gun for the exterior adhesive.

What you’ll need for this project:

  • Adhesive
  • Putty Knife
  • Hacksaw
  • AirStone


First step, apply adhesive on the airstone. Then, stick it to the tub one by one. Make sure you place it neatly. You just lay the stones end to end depends on your preference, you can also try to alternate the seams (like wood flooring). Most tubs doesn’t have a flat surface, like the sides has a curve.

Thankfully, airstones has a natural depth variation in each, something I doubt would be possible with a straight tile job. And it totally worked! When you cut airstones, you can simply cut it with a hacksaw, no power tools needed. When you’re done, you can put a little molding, that is similar to a chair rail for having a neat finish.

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Here’s a video showing how to apply AirStone, this person is applying it to a wall but you can use this as a guide to applying it to your tub.

Here’s another video just to prove how big of a difference AirStone can make:

That is how easily you can work with airstones and transform your bath tub! This project is easy though you need patience. Just have fun with it. Happy Decorating! Would you consider using airstone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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