How to Make a Sign

How to Make a SignHow to make a sign with an inspirational quote for just a few dollars! A very easy technique. Need to keep for future use

How to Make a Sign


I’ll show you how to make an inspirational board with inspirational quote. Quite easy and fun to make! As you can see on the photo above, print out the quote that you want. Make them big. You can print it on a regular bond paper.

Once you’re done print, prepare a board, a wooden board or a posterboard , it depends on your liking. Next up, get a piece of white chalk . On the back of your printed quote, fill it out with chalk, like color the whole back part with it. Now on the wooden board (refer to photo above), trace out the letters using a colored pencil.


The tracings will be seen on the board, make sure to trace it a couple of times to make it stick. Then, using permanent markers or paint, trace over the sketched parts with the colors you desire to create your sign. To color the letters, you can use acrylic paint. On the photo, the color white is used. It’s neat and clean. But if you want a colorful inspirational board, then color the back of the quote with your desired color, use chalk.


Trace out the letters with the color that matches afterward. If you worked on canvas and posterboard for your inspirational board, it can be framed for a more complete, professional look. Posterboard signs can be laminated and hung on a wall with a sticky tack.


To hang a wooden sign, drill two holes in the sign, approximately one inch from the top and one inch from each side. You can use ribbon or wire to make it hang. Enjoy!


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