How to Hang Photos or Picture Frames

How To Hang Photos or Picture Frames

Hanging picture frames with photos, or art, is definitely a good way to make a house a home! Some people hang photos of family, flowers, and some people even frame letters from loved ones. Perhaps you’ll create your own DIY art for your home.  No matter what you frame you’ll need to know how to actually hang your frames correctly! Pictures are the easiest way to make your home truly yours, but is there a certain way you should be hanging them, or arranging them? Are you doing it all wrong? Do you want to learn how to do all this? Save yourself the embarrassment of having an awful photo gallery by reading through this article and taking some notes!

Before getting into the technical details of hanging frames correctly, you should determine and visualize the final look that you want to achieve.  These images and tips below will give you some great ideas that you can use!

Ideas To Arrange Picture Frames:

1.   Gallery walls look good above sofas, and since the living room is the best place to show off your collection, go for it and go all out! Gallery arrangements are where many of your photos are thrown together in a visibly appealing arrangement.

2.  Above your couch put something either large that takes up 3/4th of the size of the couch OR you can use the gallery idea as stated above.

3.  Use smaller photos/frames as a border around a bigger photo, a mirror, or a memo board. It gives an organized and staged look.

4.  In a showcase wall, try to keep frames that are the same size away from each other. Mix it all up and separate bigger frames with smaller frames stacked to be the size as the bigger frames. Be Daring & Wild with your decorating!!

5.  Use different sized frames. Use big ones, small ones, and medium ones. Even if your photos don’t fill up the frames, give smaller photos a border inside of the large frames.

6.  Make shapes with the pictures of freestyle it and make your own shapes and formations.

7.  Keep it aligned and orderly.

8.  If the wall is going up or down a staircase, make the frames flow with the stairs.

9.  If going wild with formations isn’t your thing, then stick to symmetry. Put a focal point in the middle (perhaps the biggest piece) and put smaller identical pieces on both sides of your focal piece.

10.  Make something in the gallery similar whether its color, frames or shape.

11.  Throw some signs or wall decor in there for a bit of a surprise.


For some great examples and ideas on different ways to arrange art on your walls, check out this video:

Hanging The Photos or Frames:

So, now let’s review the steps involved in actually getting the pictures on your wall and aligned right!

  1.  First things first,  visualize. Cut out paper the sizes of your frames then tape them to the wall in the design you want just to be sure that its what you want.
  2. Once you’re satisfied, get your picture frame and hang it at or around your eye level. 
  3. If your photo is real big, you may need some help here. Hold the picture up and mark on the wall at the center of the top of the frame. You can use painter’s tape (which I prefer) or a pencil.
  4. Then, you’re going to measure from the top of the frame to the mounting hook or if there is a wire on the back, you’ll measure from the center of the wire. This is an adjustment measure.
  5. Lastly, measure the adjustment measure down from the wall mark. This is where to hang the picture hook on the wall.

There really aren’t that many ways to go wrong with these photo arrangements, and with a little creativity, just about every photo can go together somehow, someway. So don’t worry, watch these videos and get the project started!


For a video demonstration on how to hang picture frames, check out the following video!

Enjoy your beautiful photos & beautiful home! 

How do you make your house a home?  Do you have any other tips on hanging picture frames?  Do share in the comments below!


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