Grey, Turquoise, and Yellow

Grey, Turquoise, and YellowGrey, Turquoise, and Yellow

Grey, Turquoise, and Yellow. Those three combinations are just fab! Turquoise is so in nowadays, from bathroom walls to kitchen cabinets. The color is even popular among clothes these days. The yellow is bright and sunny, and can definitely brighten up your mood in an instant. It’s such a great picker-upper. The Grey tones down the bright colors, and it is a very good matching color with just about any color.

Most people just match two different colors, but sometimes we need to get out from our comfort zone and just mix and match. Turquoise , Gray , and Yellow Grey, Turquoise, and Yellow

definitely complements each other. Just like the photo above, Grey can be the couch. Yellow can be the pillows, and Turquoise can be the piece of decor.


Another idea would be, Grey for the window panes. Yellow for the walls, and Turquoise for the pillows or decors. You can even match all three together in your bathroom wall. For tiles for example, choose a pattern or just mix it together, but make sure there is a design that you will follow.


For bedroom, you can have Turquoise for your cabinets so it pop, the outside color would be Grey. The yellow would be the bedroom wall. It can also be for clothes! Yellow top, Grey shorts or skirt, Turquoise bag or shoes – Color blocking to express yourself! Go and try it.


Just mix and match the colors together, there are endless possibilities for mixing and matching the three colors. Use your imagination and conquer it!


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