Intriguing Atmosphere

Intriguing AtmosphereIntriguing Atmosphere

We love an open floor plan bathroom, and this one is no different! The entire atmosphere blends seamlessly into the nature outside, and we’re loving it! We have two traditional, standard sinks up against either wall upon entry – a his and her for your personal needs. In the center of the room is a rain shower with no tubs or tiles. The shower head is long and wide to spurt water across as much of your body as possible and slips down into the drain at the bottom of the bathroom floor.  On one end is a tiled wall with a small nook to store bathroom products such as your shampoo and your conditioners, a discrete storage unit that keeps clutter hidden. The opposing wall is composed of a additional storage space in the form of a closet. Store extra robes, toiletries, or clothes to grab on your way out.

Finally we come to the big traffic area of the bathroom – the glass double doors  give you a splendid view of the forestry outside, along with an opening to slip out or slip in as you feel. It’s a modern approach to the classic patio, giving its occupants a chance to strip down and clean off any outside dirt before treading into the rest of the house. There’s also a glass ceiling that ties that entire aura together with a bow, adding another natural touch to the room. You’ll feel as though you are one with nature.

It’s a dream bath fit for a king…or a queen.


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