DIY Chandelier

DIY ChandelierDIY Chandelier

Wondering what you can do with your wine glasses apart from using it for wine? There are a hundred things to make with wine glasses. And the one thing you will never is expect id making a chandelier out of wine glasses !

What I’m about to teach you is a vintage wine glass chandelier. You see, vintage and wine glasses go to get. They spell “fancy”. They will also look fab and expensive, though this is a DIY and way cheaper than those pricey chandeliers in the store.

Apart from that, this is also a one of a kind piece. So let’s start making. The things you’ll need are: Light fixture , Stemware , Wire , Needle-nose pliers DIY Chandelier, and a Black aerosol paint .

First step is, sand  the light fixture and spray pain it. Hang the fixture from the ceiling afterwards so you can see the decor better. Second step, cut a 12 inch piece of wire, then wrap it around the stem of the glass and use the excess wire to tie the glass to the fixture.

Repeat the step until you finish with all the wine glasses. Next up, add glasses in the second row to fill in the gaps. You can also put a third row, this is optional. The next step, which is the last is to wrap wire around the fixture to cover the stems of the glasses. Then there you have it! A vintage wine glass chandelier. There are also other ways to make a chandelier out of wine glasses.


All you have to do is imagine and be creative. Enjoy!


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