White Gray Brown for Kitchen Colors

White Gray Brown for Kitchen ColorsWhite Gray Brown for Kitchen Colors

White, Gray, and Brown colors for your kitchen. Those three combinations of colors can lighten up your kitchen. Take white for your kitchen walls, then Brown for your cabinets and shelves, then Grey for kitchen counters. You can even mix and match! You can replace dark brown with light brown.

The possibilities are endless. Brown can always be cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Because Brown has such a timeless color. Picture out vintage pieces, they are mostly in brown and gold. It is also the nearest color to Black, which is elegant.


Now, White on the other hand is purity. For your kitchen, you can have a different kind of color for your walls or you can have white which will look neat and proper which will surely brighten your cooking mood. For the floors, you can have white tiled floors as well, which will match your white kitchen walls. As for Gray, it is such a neutral color that will balance the brightness of white and the brown.


Gray can be for kitchen counter tops, there are marble counter tops that are grey, and if you imagine it, white walls, brown cabinets, grey marble counter tops, that is fab! You might see those color on the Food Network, or at the TLC channel. So if you are planning on remodeling your house or just the kitchen, then consider this idea. You can even share this idea to your friends. Give some tips as well. Just remember, mic and match, imagine!


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