Great Idea for Bathroom

Great Idea for BathroomGreat Idea for Bathroom

This home idea that I’m about to share to you is great for toilet rooms. You wonder where to put some fresh face towels, extra rolls of tissue paper, and some toilet paraphernalia, well I have the solution just for you!

If you have some plywood that you do not use anymore, make use of them by cutting them with the exact length of you bathroom, or if you prefer, just enough length for a shelf in your toilet room. he advantage of having a shelf that is long or of the same length as your toilet room, just like the photo above, is that it’s quite fancy and the extra space could be used for some decorations.

So once you have your shelf or shelves, cut it out, sand it, then paint it to a matching color of your toilet room wall. The toilet room on photo above has a yellow wall, and they painted the shelves brown to complement the yellow color, which looked fab.


If you are thinking of repainting your toilet room, you can do so. The yellow color is so pleasing to the eyes, it’s warm and cozy. If you have a white toilet room wall, you can paint the shelves bright or a pastel color. A pop of color looks great.


So once your shelves are up, you can place new face towels , roll them, put them on one side. You can put three tissue paper rolls or more on one side too. Some soap and other toilet paraphernalia. After that, put some decorations as well. Happy Decorating!


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