Smart Idea for Smaller Bedroom

Smart Idea for Smaller BedroomSmart Idea for Smaller Bedroom

Check this out: all in one bed, shelves, and drawers, perfect for a small bedroom! I saw this idea on a magazine not long ago. My husband knows a little carpentry and I showed him the magazine which contained the furniture.  Bedroom furniture can be expensive, so what a great way to save money and space at the same time!

I told him it would be perfect for our daughter’s bedroom. With the furniture she can have more space with her room. Rather than having a separate bed, shelves, and drawers.

My husband agreed to make one. One Sunday afternoon he started planning on how to make the furniture. He purchased plywood and whatnot. He first measured one part of the room where the furniture will be. He did measurements for the drawers, the shelves, then the bed.

Then, he gathered the needed materials. He then started making the furniture.

First, the bed, then then he surrounded it with the shelves and furniture. When it was done, he sand the furniture, then painted it White , because white matches any color and decoration around the room.

The shelves are pretty spacious, as well as the drawers. Underneath the bed, there’s a huge drawer, it can be for another bed for when she has her best friend sleep over. Or it can be a storage for shoes, or probably bed sheets, or books. It depends. But I can say it is a pretty great idea to have this furniture. Pretty brilliant and fancy.

For anyone who wants to do the same, don’t limit yourself, remodel your own all in one bed, shelves, and drawers. Even paint it to your favorite color! Have fun!


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