DIY Canvas Flower

DIY Canvas FlowerDIY Canvas Flower

Days ago, I found a really cool looking flower picture on the internet, it amazed me and decided I wanted to create my own version. The things I needed for the DIY project was a canvas, which I  bought at a craft store here in our place.

I picked a bigger one. I started painting the canvas black with oil paint (If you want to let it dry quickly, use acrylic. For the oil paint, I let my canvas dry for about 3 days).  I also got a bunch of scrapbook paper, and I used all of the black, white and grey pieces. I cut some of it to a petal shape for the flower that I was going to create.


The products I used in making the project: Elmer’s glue stick , Mod Podge DIY Canvas Flower

and the cut up scrapbook paper . A tip though, use a sponge to apply the mod podge to the canvass. I arranged the cut up scrapbook paper into the shape I wanted for the flower, then I took each piece and put a little glue on the back to keep it in place, then I use the mod podge afterwards.


I applied all over the canvass, I actually applied two layers. Let each layer dry for about 15-20 minutes before you apply the second layer of mod podge. It will look great when it dries, trust me! The DIY project would look great anywhere in the new house, office, or you can even make it as a gift or art project. Enjoy!


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