Grandly Regal

Grandly RegalIf you want to give your guests a grand entrance, stick some crown molding around the border of your front door. Crown molding takes after the French style and gives for an elegant and chic look. It is easy to install with some nails, glue, and a ruler. They also come in various different styles which can complement the tone of your house.

Grandly Regal

When accomplishing this DIY, make sure to create a border with your crown molding. If you decide to only stick a length of molding along the top of the door, it will most likely look out of place and odd – the opposite effect you had intended.

Check out our quick tips to rocking this DIY:


Tip 1: To help the crown molding stand out, paint the door a bold color. Think of a rich, bright red or blue for a unique appearance that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Tip 2: Or, layer up your crown molding. Play with the different styles and lay them out beside one another or layer them on top.

Tip 3: If none of these suggestions speak to you, add some crown molding to the surroundings windows. Here we have a pair of windows on either side of the door which are also dressed up in complementary crown molding. In fact, the builder played around with the different types of molding and arranged them to create ‘trims’ or ‘wood piping.’

Buying a home is the easy part, but creating a space that is truly yours takes work. Experiment with different looks and techniques to build a home that says, you.


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