Bring a Little Stone Age into Your Bathroom

Bring a Little Stone Age into Your BathroomTiles are the magic makers of home decor – they can spruce up any home DIY project in a matter of minutes. If you’re in the market for a new tub or are looking for a technique to hide your built-in tub, look no further!

Bring a Little Stone Age into Your Bathroom

 Step 1: Grab a few tiles from your local home materials shop. Pick tiles that are thicker and bigger than common tiles – you’re covering a large surface and don’t want to end up working on this project for nights on end. A good tip is to grab stone tiles or tiles with a stone finishing. They look earthy and luxurious when applied.


Step 2: Grab a bucket of grout and get to work, lining up the tiles along the outside wall of the tub. Make sure not to leave any spaces in between. You want to give your tub a unique and different look.


Step 3:  To finish the project, adhere tiles to the ledge of the tub.You’re probably going to need to have some tiles cut to specific dimensions, so double check with your tile supplier to see if they have tile cutting services.


Step 4: Clean up with a sheet of Clorox wipes and thoroughly clean your work. Give it time to dry – overnight is a good time frame.


Step 5: After it has dried, followup with a handy sealant. You don’t want your work to fall apart after a few showers. Go for a product that has water proof features to protect the tiles.


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