No More Moving the Bowls to Sweep: Elevated Bowls

no-more-moving-the-bowls-to-sweep-love-itIt’s been said that dog is man’s best friend, well that’s because the man is not the one cleaning. Just kidding! But no joke, we all know that feeling of walking to where your dog’s bowl is and looking at it going “Does my dog even eat or just throw food around?” or maybe you think “I wonder if he/she even drinks the water because most of its around the floor?” So, now you have to sweep or mop to clean up around your pet’s bowls. After everyday it get’s really old, really fast. Well, now you don’t have to worry about that!

Some genius who was sick and tired of cleaning from around their dog’s bowl created this amazing invention, elevated bowls. It mounts to the wall and holds their bowls so now you don’t have to separately move and clean their bowls. I know the struggle of having to pick up one bowl with a tiny puppy trying to eat at the same time. Then you have to pick up the other bowl and magically your dog wants her water.

These will make your life so much easier and not to mention a lot more cleaner and organized.  Click here for more kitchen redesign tips.

But is it good for our fur-babies?

When it comes to my sweet little malti-poo, Bella, I want only the best for her. But are these elevated bowls good or bad?

Some pros of the elevated bowls are:

  • Large breeds don’t have to bend down as far for food.
  • It won’t slide around and make a big mess.
  • The mess that does occur will be easier to sweep without moving the bowls.
  • You won’t have to bend down as far to fill or clean the bowl.
  • It will reduce sloppy behavior; encourages the dog to eat in his “dining area” without pushing the bowl around.
  • It reduces strain on our pets neck, hips and back.

The only true cons of this is:

  • It costs some money.
  • It has been said that the elevated bowls can cause bloating in some dogs.


If you are looking to purchase an elevated dog bowl, here’s an option that I absolutely love:
PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder in Solid Wood (Tall – 10.1 inch height)

So, what do I as a dog owner think?

I think this idea is pretty good especially for big breeds!

Have a camera ready to capture the confused look on your dog’s face the first time it explores its new bowl, like the cute dog in this video:

If you want to avoid the cost of buying an elevated bowl, and have a handy family member or friend that likes to work with wood, here is a great instructional video on how to make one from scratch:

What do you think?  Are elevated doggie bowls worth it or not?

Comment below and if you have one of these, tell us what you think of it!



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