How to get the most from your laundry room

Laundry Room 7Someone asked me, “How do I get the most from my laundry-room?” I thought about it for a moment and I knew I had to reply with something, anything at all. So after a few moments of thinking I told her that her answer would be in my next blog post here. I researched every idea I could think of and even asked a few friends who have a designated laundry room. After some research some polls and more brainstorming I’ve come up with 10 of the more popular ideas and likes of my family and friends and here they are:

1.)Potting room. Double up your laundry room as a potting and laundry room and never go outside to do the hard work. You can bring in a pot of dirt, put your plants inside the pots, water them and they’re ready to go outside! This is super convenient if you live in a hot area like me and during the Summers here in the South you just don’t feel like going outside. What better way to get your summer garden fixed than to work inside and the put it out and come back in to the air conditioner?

2.) Craft room and studio. What better way to double up a laundry room than with a craft room? You can have a table to the side or even in the middle of the room so when you’re not crafting away making people cute stuff you can use the table to fold clothes on.

3.) Pantry. A laundry room + Pantry= Great way to save some sq. footage. You can have shelves over the washer and dryer or have some over to the side to store your canned foods and extra stuff, this idea is a must for all you couponers out there!

4.) Extra freezer/Fridge space. Where else will you store the extra meats or drinks? Just set your washer, dryer, and fridge/freezer all in the room and BAM! You have it! This can also make a big impact with a small space.

5.) Mud Room. Laundry room and mud room together makes a good combo. Especially if you keep cleaning supplies in the laundry room. This will eliminate having to go from laundry room to back door to clean up muddy boot prints.

6.) Dog Room.  I have no children so my fur-baby is my child.  Her name is Bella and she is a very pampered pooch. My house is filled with scattered toys and hidden bones and stuff like that so a dog room would be nice. It’d be conveniently located in the laundry room. Another idea for this room would be to have a washing station for the dog like a built-in tub.

7.)  Gift Wrapping station. This is great for those of you who love to give gifts and stuff to others.  You can have a place to wrap your gifts, store bows and even extra gift tags.

8.) Sewing room. When you realize that you put your husbands favorite T-shirt in the washer and it made that hole in the back a bit bigger, a sewing room in the laundry-room is a life saver, you can quickly sew it back together and he won’t ever know!

9.) Control room. Keep your schedules, planners, calendars, wrapping paper, gifts, washer, dryer etc. in this one room and you will possibly rarely leave. You’ll have everything in this one room and never have anything lost throughout the house.

10.) Office. Another great idea for a “Get away room” in the laundry room. You can have your desk, computer, washer, dryer etc. all in one room. This will also eliminate more rooms if you’re building a home.


Whether you decide to go with just a laundry room with washer and dryer or a full decked out control room. Your laundry room is in your hands. Make the most of this room.

Here’s a video showing some of the ideas from above and also some more!!

Here’s a video of a lady who has her ducks in a row. She knows what she’s doing when it comes to her laundry room! Her video is  little long but it explains alot and actually inspires me to go clean and organize my laundry room.

Does your laundry room double up as another room? Tell me what it is, how you got the idea and what it looks like! 


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