Announcement Cards Un-Scrabbled

Announcement Cards Un-ScrabbledAnnouncement Cards Un Scrabbled

If you’re stuck for an idea for an announcement card for your baby shower, here is a fun and quirky suggestion that is inexpensive and easy to replicate from the comfort of your own house – no professional photographers required. Simply grab some SCRABBLE letters and your wedding ring. (You could also use this as an announcement card for your wedding as well.)

Don’t have SCRABBLE letters? Search on Etsy or Ebay for some loose tiles instead of purchasing an expensive gaming box from the store. Tiles can be purchased in several styles from wood, plastic, to even glass, so make sure you are alert and aware!


Form the basic headers with your wedding ring representing the ‘a.’ After arranging your image and snapping a pic with your camera, upload onto a photo editing program. Add in the necessary text in a pleasing font and play around with the lighting. You could always apply your favorite effects or textures to give the photos some characters and interest. Here we are seeing a vintage focus with a spotlight of light glowing around the SCRABBLE letters.


After the basic editing has been completed, print the image on photo paper and mail to your beloveds.


If you’d prefer something tactile, instead of mailing an announcement card to your friends and family, buy several duplicate tiles and plastic rings. Arrange the letters and a ring in a small box to spell out your basic message. You could use the letters as the theme text such as baby, and hand deliver for a personal touch.


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