Seven designer secrets to stunning shelving!

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Do you feel like your shelves are less than amazing? Do you think that if you had designer help that you could create a masterpiece? Well here’s your chance! Here’s seven tips from a designer for stunning shelves! They’ll help you to get your home straightened up and also, there’s some links at the bottom just for you for your home!  

1. Color theme. When putting your things on the shelf you can make them all a consistent color theme. This will make it look elegant, rich and all around fabulous! Your home will take on a new level of upscale! People will compliment you on your color coordinated shelves and it will make you rooms seem more organized to guests.

2. Overflow of books? Stack them neatly. Do you have more books than the library? One way I have always found that will save you space is by neatly stacking books, whether it be on the shelf or on a desk/chair near the shelf. This will add some height to the area also.

3. Artwork on lower shelves. Why do I say to put artwork on the lower shelf? It’s because when sitting you can look to the bookshelves and see artwork at eye-level. It’s visually appealing to be comfortable and have a nice view. Right?

4. Each shelf or cube is it’s own canvas. You’ll want to start with an empty shelf, then one by one create an artwork in every shelf. By time you get done you will have a beautiful bookshelf! It’s easy and fun to gather things that will go well in your “artwork”.

5. Add embellishments to the front of the shelving. This could be a win or lose situation with this one. If you put too much stuff hanging down it will look like a sloppy mess, but if you decide to put one or two things on it then you will have a lovely win. It’s also acceptable if you decided to not put anything and just leave it bare.

6. Let a bright bold color shine through by leaving space with few books. If you want a bold bright pop of color in your room then you can easily get it! How?  By painting the inside of the bookshelf you can add a nice pop of color and put few books in there to let the color shine through. You’re also able to do this with wallpaper instead of paint if you’d like, it works just as good!

7.Use bright colors and break it up with black and white artworks or book stacks. This is by far my favorite! You can get a color theme with your books or just a whole bunch of bright colored books and break it up into areas with black and white paintings, photos, etc. This idea helps to give a feeling of  balance in the bright bold colors of the books.

These are just a few of the many designer tips you can get for your home, here are some more than may come in handy! Do you want designer’s tips and tricks to a New York style apartment? Click Here! Or maybe furniture placement tips from a designer?  Click Here!


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