Hiding Cords from the TV

hiding-cords-for-wall-mounted-tv-i-like-thisHave you ever been to someone’s house to watch a movie or the game and all you could focus on was the cords and wires coming from their tv ? Well, that’s how it was for me at my house. I’d sit there watching TV and cringing at the sight of all the wires hanging from the wall, they were almost spewing out onto the floor. I know I can’t possibly be the only one who shudders at the thought of that.

But how do you hide it? Some people opt for a simple yet noticeable cover to hide the wires as shown in the adjacent picture.  To achieve the look in this picture, read this article for instructions.  Some people, who want a more elegant touch use panels and glam it up with trim work on the outside edges. This idea is genius, cheap, works well and looks very classy!

How do you get that classy elegant look?


Draw things out. You’ll need to mount your tv and get it centered. Screw the mounting bracket behind the wall. Then you’re going to use a pencil and lightly mark the center, left and right edges of where the trim will be. Mark where the cords will exit the tv on the sides and choose where the trim work will go to hide the cords.  For architectural interest and balance you may choose to add more trim work lines on top, bottom, and sides.  You can use a crown molding shelf as the cap for your work. The rest of the wooden pieces can be bought at Home Depot. They’re almost like a lattice piece.


You should prime the lattice pieces before mounting them to them wall, make sure the vertical channels are wide enough for your cords, but narrow enough that a piece of lattice can cover the gap and overlap the channel enough to be nailed in place. Be consistent with the width because all of the trim need to be the same width. Cut out a thin piece of cardstock to use as a channel guide and stick it between the lattice pieces before nailing them. Use a level and follow your pencil lines on the wall.


The interior lines don’t have to be perfect but the exterior does. The interior mess will be covered. Also, be sure you’re going deep enough behind the tv that you won’t be able to see where the channels end.


Take down the tv and paint it all up!


This idea is a great choice, although there are different ways to hide these unsightly cords, this is my pick.

Here’s  a sped up video of another way you can do this, but this will consist of cutting the wall.

If everything else fails you could always do this:


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