Useful Decor

Useful DecorWhat about your bar area? Do you have a wine rack that fits all your wine, and wine glasses? Average wine racks often prevents all the bottles from being visible. However, a horizontal wine rack, featured in natural wood, capitalizes on your bar area. This type of wine rack is appropriate for the kitchen, if you do not have a designated bar area. The rack is designed to cradle your sacred wine bottles. Read more

Meaningful Act | Child Hand Print


Meaningful ActWhen decorating your home, you want to create a elegant atmosphere, but you want it memorable, meaningful,and comfortable. What personalizes your home more than a memorabilia designed to honor someone special. Heart designs always provides your home with a warm feeling, imagine having hand and foot prints of a special baby imprinted on a heart shaped plaque. Read more

A Different Type of New

A Different Type of NewWe tend to save money by reusing the furniture we already have. Believe it or not renewing furniture is a lot less expensive than buying something new. For example, staining over a previously painted dresser is less stressful than coming up with a couple of hundred dollars to replace it. Don’t panic, it’s quite simple, for starters, chip off all the paint you can with a painter chipper, and finish off the job with a durable sand paper.

Sanding your dresser brings it back to it’s natural state, and allows new paint or stain to be applied more effectively without distorting it’s color, quality, or texture. However, you can also save time by applying stain right over the painted dresser. Read more

DIY Hideouts for the kids

Playmate-or-RoommatePlaymate or RoommateThe circular hideout canopy is a perfect hideout for your child, and is so convenient to store when they’re done with it. Parents are able to dangle this tent like canopy from almost anywhere their baby or toddler hangs out, and create a great hideout for kids. They are great for cribs, beds, nurseries, and bedrooms. They have been designed to initiate your child imagination, and are a great way to store smaller toys, such as stuffed animals, and dolls.

 One of the most popular features of the canopy is that it is made of a light material, and allows the child to stay comfortably warm or cool depending on the season. It is also easily dangled but meets the floor, giving your child a fun and safe way to play. Read more

Outdoor Elegance

Outdoor EleganceDecorating doesn’t stop indoors, our lawns, patios, and walkways have to be intact as well. One popular way to liven the front or back walkway is to use a combination of wood, stones, or rocks. Present your wood in a simple but bold style like squares or diamond shapes. This can be done in large areas, as well as, smaller ones.

Your stones can be solid or colorful, just as long as they are uniquely shaped and colored. When your designing your rustic walkway leave spaces to place your stones, so they will be visible. Although, you can leave your wood, in it’s natural state, the walkway would also look great stained. Read more

Two-Toned Dining

Two-Toned DiningEvery so often, you may get an urge to redecorate. At times decorating can be expensive, especially if your are looking to change some furniture in a particular room. Kitchen tables are one of the most important pieces in the kitchen. It never gives without notice, and is often important to the style of your kitchen. Round tables have been popular for centuries, and still finds it’s way into many kitchens.

 The best thing about these circular surfaces is that they are easily done over, and it is very inexpensive to do so. Although these tables look great in wood, they look even better with a fresh coat of paint. Of course, the color is strictly your choice. Read more

Flooring for All Rooms

Flooring for All RoomsSometimes we design our rooms based on the style of flooring. Moroccan wood floors are ideal for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even your dining room. it’s exotic shape replicates the old Moorish tile flooring. Whoever  saw something so basic reign sophistication. Although the style is fancy, it enables you to surround it with things that are basic but nice. Depending on the room or the rooms that has Moroccan wood  floors, your design and color choice should effect the shade of floor you chose. For instance a dark Moroccan wood floor looks great surrounded by furniture similar in color, as well as, lighter toned furniture. Read more

Sky lit Bedroom

Sky lit BedroomA skylight view in the master bedroom is an ideal way to stargaze at night, and welcome the sun in the morning. Of course, you want your bed and other room accessories to compliment this elegant feature in the room. Well light colored walls bring out your view in the day and night time. The style of bed can glamorous, but basic so that it does not distort your beautiful view. White, off white, beige, or tan bedding provides minimal glaring, and is often complimented with a glass door in master bedrooms with balconies. Read more

Stylish Farmhouse Kitchen

Stylish Farmhouse KitchenAre you going for the farm style in your kitchen, what colors or shades do you  plan on using? For starters, stainless steel appliances stand out, and welcome many color choices. The steel appliances look good with cabinets that feature a similar shade but topped off with white counters. Bright wall paint or paper shows well, and enables you to throw in bright pictures, and knick-knacks through out the kitchen. Your table can also be very unique featuring light-wood, and colorful chairs. Read more

Simply Rustic

Simply RusticFor some reason, the kitchen is one of the most sacred rooms of the house. We tend to spend a lot of time in it decorating, and redecorating time and time again. Country style kitchens are welcoming, and they add a luxurious look to your home, while staying basic, and inexpensive.

 Imagine your kitchen over looked by off white chandelier lighting, draped over a light oak dining table, with black legs and beige cushion chairs, replicating a country Victorian style kitchen well. The mixture of black and oak introduces beige curtains and black appliances. For additional seating and elegant style, a two toned island with matching chairs reigns simplicity, and glamour at the same time. Read more