Here is a floor plan that I would like to share with you. This is ideal for newly married couples, someone who is planning on building a new house, or simply renovating their house. This is also to inspire everyone out there. A floor plan that is an idea and can also be your floor plan.

 Okay, let’s start off with the porch. It doesn’t have to be big. It’s just a porch, like a hallway or corridor, then it’s connected to the foyer. The foyer can make or break the appearance of the house. It is the first room that your guests will see. Here are tips to decorate your hallway! Read more

Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Simple Backyard Landscaping IdeasSimple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

I’ll share some simple backyard landscaping ideas with you guys. Landscaping is hard work, though it could turn out into a hobby. Gardening and landscaping together, you will have a beautiful green garden in no time! These tips I will share with you will make you work smarter and faster and they’ll help ensure that your garden will look great once it’s done. Read more

Faux Granite Counter Top

Faux Granite Counter TopFaux Granite Counter Top

Remake your counter tops! This project can make your counter tops look new and you don’t have to spend a lot! The things you will need are: water based, tintable primer acrylic paint in a variety of shades, polyacrilic , a sea sponge Faux Granite Counter Top

, a cheap paintbrush (the ones used in kids’ color books), painters tape , and a paint roller (the kind without all the fur). Read more

Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen IdeasKitchen Ideas

Here’s some kitchen ideas for you. Make your kitchen look new again! Try a New Gadget. You don’t have to buy new kitchen tools, just cook a new meal. That way, you will use a different set of tools to make that recipe, something out of the ordinary.

 Instead of investing in new cabinets for your kitchen, try freeing some space. Suspend your pots with a pot rack . It adds style, plus a lot of space for other kitchen tools. Add large baskets for your extra space. These are for holding onions, garlic, potatoes, or other items. If you can, plant fresh herbs. Read more

A Doorway of Color

A-Doorway-of-ColorA Doorway of ColorAdding some color to your front door will make all the difference. Paired with an elegant border of crown molding and you will have a house fit for royalty.

 A Doorway of Color

 Step 1: Start by removing the door handle and determining the type of paint already on your door. With that in mind, select the appropriate paint to go on top. Certain paints will not apply well on others. They’re likely to slip and slid, so make sure you determine the correct type! Don’t forget, if you have glass windows in your door, line them with a few strips of painter’s tape. Read more

Fabulous Storage with Small Pantry Items

Fabulous Storage with Small Pantry ItemsThis space is created by opening the space between the studs in the wall. Small, skinny spot, but look at all of the fabulous storage with Small pantry items that take forever to find – a great idea to steal space and have a big impact.

Fabulous Storage with Small Pantry Items

 We all want big houses with big rooms so that we have room for all the stuff that we have got. But if it turns out that it may not be enough space for everything, you better think twice. There must places in your house where you can create space for storage. Read more

Corner Fire Place

Corner Fire PlaceCorner Fire Place

Fireplaces provide an inviting warmth and they also add visual impact to any room. An advantage of having a fireplace in your house is that it increases the value of a home.

 In the past, fireplaces were large brick or stone monstrosities placed in the middle of a wall and often including the hearth, which took up a substantial portion of the living space. Now it is not necessarily the case because fireplaces have been modernized and streamlined to an extent. Read more

Small Bedroom Inspiration

Small Bedroom InspirationSmall Bedroom Inspiration

We all want a big house and a big yard,a big bedroom…but what if you need to adapt to what you have?! And what you have is not s big as you would like it to be. Luckily, there are so many ideas that you can use even if you have a small house with small rooms.

 If you are trying to decorate your bedroom,but you have some problems with the space, you can find many ideas that will help you with this problem. Read more

Mantle Decor Tips with Diagram

Mantle Decor Tips with DiagramMantle Decor Tips with Diagram

Are you trying to find new ideas to make your home look more beautiful? Try and change some things, add some new ones, redecorate the place where you spend more of your time when you are at home.

 Online you can find many, many websites that offer a variety of products that will help you in this matter. You can buy everything you need using the internet. Just make sure that you will not exaggerate with the new things. it is not necessary to put them all in one place. Read more

Tile that Looks Like Wood-Wood Look Tile Bathroom Floor Tile

Tile that Looks Like Wood-Wood Look Tile Bathroom Floor Tile

wood tile in bathroom

Does your hallway or guest bathroom have that old, outdated tile flooring? You know what I’m talking about. It’s so old that the corners are peeling up and the water damage looks like some monsters came in and made himself a home? You don’t want your guests seeing that, do you?

I have your answer.

It’s called porcelain wood tiles. They are acceptable for bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, basically anywhere at all! And they’re just simply beautiful! Where can you get these beauties? I personally think the most widely known store to get them may be Lowe’s. If you don’t have a Lowe’s near you, head on over to their website. They can range from $1.15/sq. ft. to around $3.50/ sq. ft. and they can get higher than that but you’re assured a beautiful flooring no matter what.

Another thing about these wood tiles are that they’re easy to clean and durable. Did your kids have a splash war with you when you’re bathing them? No problem, your wood floors are saved and still look gorgeous! Did your cat’s litter box spill? No Problem, you’re flooring is easy to clean and still looking good! You can get different styles and looks. You can have light wood or dark wood, you can get very detailed tiling down to the pattern linings, they’re often so detailed that they’re not able to be distinguished from real wood.  These are just simply the way to go if you want an elegant look in your rooms.