The Return of the Sofa Table

The Return of the Sofa TableA lot of us are completely intent on shoving our sofa tables against the wall, but adding it behind the couch can add structure to an open room. If you have an open floorplan you can utilize this tip to break the room into sections.

If your living and dining room are one large room, stick a sofa table behind the couch to break it up. You want to create a soft division that is easy on the eyes and not too obvious. It should only be a slight interruption in the room’s flow, enough to trick the mind into thinking you have two rooms instead of one.

Sofa tables are also a fabulous way to add more accessories and decor to the room. They help lessen the clutter from your living room table and add some height to your decorations.

Here are some living room essentials you can use to dress up your table:

  • Add lamps with dim lighting to create a romantic mood come night time.
  • Add flowers to give the room life and color – their soft petals will give the room a sweet, feminine appeal.
  • Pile on some of your must have coffee table books for visitors or when catching a break from doing house chores.
  • Add a tray to catch any of your loose change or keys when you come home from work.
  • Add a pad of paper and a pen to your table for when you’re needing to jot down ideas.
  • If your chargers can comfortably reach an outlet, stick your charging station on top of this bad boy as well.

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