Seamless Flow

Seamless FlowIf you’re designing your own house or still in the market for a place to call home, you might want to consider looking into some creative architectural bathroom designs. You can have them installed yourselves or have the builder install them for you.

Here we have a spout releasing water from the wall into the tub. The spout is decorated with an assortment of tiles, framed against the wall. The look is reminiscent of the style of the Romans, who had a similar system in their open, public baths.

The water than collects into the tub which is also tiled in the same design as the spout. It’s important to have the tub up against one wall, to ensure extra water doesn’t spill out onto the floor and lead to any unexpected accidents. (Slipping to your death in your own bathroom? Not cool.) A small ledge has been cut out from the tub to allow water to fall into the shower next door. The shower itself is built with a slight height, to keep the water from overflowing onto the floor. From here the water can find it’s way to the drain.

The beauty of the design is the streamline flow. The water is always running and flowing from one piece to the next. You could also pick up an attractive facet in place of the spout to add to the look. Or to really play off the Roman-esque feel, use stone tiles instead of glass tiles. The Romans were huge fans of stone art.


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