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Small Bathroom IdeaIdeas for a small bathroom: For bathrooms that doesn’t have a window, I have a solution for you. Sometimes, a bold color is all you need to lighten up your small bathroom. That way, it will seem bigger.For example, have a green-walled bathroom, or blue green, any bright bold color can do the job.

Less is more: Even if the space is narrow, make it seem bigger by painting the walls with a bright cobalt blue color, or any bright color, centered a white colored window. You don’t have to put a lot of decor, you can just have a simple chandelier inside your bathroom, now that’s clean, simple, and stylish.

Grounded with graphic: For your bathroom floor, have tiles that have graphic designs, or simply some designs on them. Just keep the walls simple and bright. Packed With Pattern: for shower curtains , choose the ones with patterns on it.

The color could be black and white so it won’t contrast the walls. Or, have a mirror that has patterns on it’s design. White on white is always a good combination, although it can look clinical if not accentuated tastefully. For a neat and perpetual look, have white walls and white colored faucets. This is great for a bathroom that has a small window because it will reflect more light and brighten the space.

Creative Storage: Storage in small baths is essential to a functional space. For walls that are typically four inches thick, it can be a place for additional storage, whether it’s a medicine cabinet or open shelving. Consider, hiring a handyman or contractor to create some built in storage space as no one ever complained about having too much space! So there you have it. Ideas for small bathrooms. Enjoy!  Share your best ideas with our community by posting a comment below!


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  • November 28, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    Could you please give an idea of the cost to have had this bathroom redone? Thank you.


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