HallwayTransform your hallway into a stunning corridor! Go dark! Paint your hallway walls black , and to balance it, add warmth and brightness with light colored lamp and textured furniture. For your entry hall, give it a bright entry.Decorate it with bright pieces. Bright decors such as jars, carpet, or your sofa pillows. Maximize the space of your hallway by installing floating shelves and adding a chaise lounge, this will look like an added study in the hallway.

Use the ceiling for display and wow guests by displaying rare pieces at the ceiling’s center. It can also be a family’s antique. If you have old furniture, make use of them by making them a decor in the hallway, it has that vintage effect that will aid in making your hallway fab.

Add a console in the middle of your hallway as a statement piece. It adds beauty and elegance to the place. If you have a first floor window with an unappealing view, put draped curtains , it makes a better view of the outside and it also is used for a splendid decor.

The best curtains for this is the ones with no designs so that it won’t get in the way of the view outside. If you have another empty wall space, add floating shelves , a great way to showcase rare pieces of small decors.
Another idea for that space is to put black and white photos, lined up together, from baby photos to old ones that carry tons of memories with every capture. That would be a sight to see for guests and friends. Happy Decorating!


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