Great Teenager or Guest Room

Great Teenager or Guest RoomI have Bedroom idea to share to you. Great for teens, guest rooms, or any bedroom! If you have a teenage daughter who wants to personalize her room, show her the photo above.

It’s girly yet very inviting. I’m sure your daughter would love it. Instead of a boring white wall, paint the walls a bright, yet relaxing to the eyes color. The turquoise wall looked fab, even more when it was matched with the turquoise headboard. The ceilings can still be white because it complements the turquoise color very well.

As for the furniture , instead of the usual brown colored ones, paint it with White . It will not look too much, but it will look neat. To top it, put a chandelier. Yes, very fancy indeed. For the windows, the panels are white, and the curtains can be any color that complements the turquoise walls.

In the photo above, it’s a bright white and orange colored patterned curtain. The floor can have the wooden floor for a vintage look, although it can also have a carpet for a plush look, plus it’s warmer than the wood or tiles.On the top most part of the walls, you can put white decals for designs, I prefer the simple ones. This is also a great idea for guest rooms and other rooms in the house. Your imagination can go as far as you want it to go. Mix and match colors, have some inspiration here on our blog or at any magazines. Imagine and be creative!


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