Smart Idea of No Counter Space in Bathroom

  1. Smart Idea of No Counter Space in Bathroom

A bathroom with no counter space or towel racks? Here’s a solution for you! If you saving on space, though you want to put your toothbrush and other needed paraphernalia in the bathroom, plus a towel, all you need is a little DIY. See the photo above?

On one side of the wall, toothbrushes and a toothpaste are place inside a small jar, it’s being placed or intact on a small piece of plywood, and under the jar is a towel hook where you can hang your towel in the bathroom. You can do exactly just that. but another idea would be floating shelves. Just take a wood that is enough for your bathroom. You can place it on one side of the wall.

To save space, just place one floating shelf, but of course this depends on you. Underneath the shelf, you can place a towel bar or hook. This too can save space. The sink skirt idea is great for tiny bathrooms as well. Use the space underneath the sink to store some bathroom needs, then cover it with a small curtain.

Stacked wicker baskets are a simple, efficient way to add storage and it gives that small bathroom a vintage effect. Painted inexpensive crates from a craft store are also for budget friendly storage, a very decorative and functional storage solution. Custom made built in shelving is one option for an irregularly shaped bathroom, which is great and can also save space.

So, take note of these tips and’ll have your mini storage in no time!


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