Here is a floor plan that I would like to share with you. This is ideal for newly married couples, someone who is planning on building a new house, or simply renovating their house. This is also to inspire everyone out there. A floor plan that is an idea and can also be your floor plan.

 Okay, let’s start off with the porch. It doesn’t have to be big. It’s just a porch, like a hallway or corridor, then it’s connected to the foyer. The foyer can make or break the appearance of the house. It is the first room that your guests will see. Here are tips to decorate your hallway!

 So, a bigger one would be ideal for decorations and the like. And there is the Study. If there are business guests in the house for a meeting, you can lead them to the Study. A Study can also serve as an office or a mini library. The foyer is also connected to the Dining Room.

 For parties and celebrations, that’s ideal. Guests won’t have to go around the house to get to the Dining Room. Then the Dining Room is connected to the kitchen, which in every house is a must. For hot foods to be served quickly. The rest of the house, it will be your decision where to place the Bedrooms.

 In the plan, the bedrooms are placed upstairs, so is the Game Room for your kids, and as well as the Play Room. Kids’ bedroom, the Master Bedroom , and the Guest Room can be placed upstairs, as well as the Bathrooms. Meanwhile downstairs, you can place the Living Room or the Family Room.

 It should be big enough for guests and the family. You can also place a powder room or a restroom downstairs. Also for utility room, wic, the in the plan there two pantries. They are near the kitchen, of course. And don’t forget the kitchen nook. To make use of extra space in the kitchen, also a great place for breakfast!

You can place the Garage at the back or at the front of your house, depending on your preference.


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  • June 9, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    I’m curious, what is the square footage of the house. And also, where do the stairs go?


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