Faux Granite Counter Top

Faux Granite Counter TopFaux Granite Counter Top

Remake your counter tops! This project can make your counter tops look new and you don’t have to spend a lot! The things you will need are: water based, tintable primer acrylic paint in a variety of shades, polyacrilic , a sea sponge Faux Granite Counter Top

, a cheap paintbrush (the ones used in kids’ color books), painters tape , and a paint roller (the kind without all the fur).

 The first thing you will do is to lightly sand the counter top. Then, wash and dry. Tape off the counter top afterwards. Then, roll on your tintable primer, which is your base coat. Let it dry. When it dries up, wet the sea sponge and start dabbing into your first acrylic paint and start going at it.

 After, grab the cheap paint brush (For best results: the bristles should be all bent and dry to create artistic effects) and dab some paint on with that, just to give it some straight edge looking blobs all over the counter top. You don’t really have to let the paint dry much between coats.

 You could work from one end to the other and work your way to one side, you start on with another color immediately and repeat that with all the colors. After layers each color, you can go back and add more of whatever color you wanted to emphasize.

 Then let it all dry and the last step is to apply a lot of Polyacrylic to protect it. Do not use Polyurethane because it will turn yellow. The project goes on very fast and drys really fast, so it won’t take all of your time. Have fun!


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