A Doorway of Color

A-Doorway-of-ColorA Doorway of ColorAdding some color to your front door will make all the difference. Paired with an elegant border of crown molding and you will have a house fit for royalty.

 A Doorway of Color

 Step 1: Start by removing the door handle and determining the type of paint already on your door. With that in mind, select the appropriate paint to go on top. Certain paints will not apply well on others. They’re likely to slip and slid, so make sure you determine the correct type! Don’t forget, if you have glass windows in your door, line them with a few strips of painter’s tape.

Step 2: Make sure to use a primer! The primer will even out the door in terms of color and texture. You want a smooth, clean finish. Use an angled brush for the edges or trim of the door, and a foam roller for the boxed areas.

Step 3: Grab a bit of Floetrol, which will thin out the consistency of your paint and make it easier to apply. Mix it with your actual paint and follow the same directions as you did with the primer. The trick is in the brush and the angle. Apply with a light hand.

Step 4: Complete the door with a glossy or semi-matte finish for a professional touch.

Step 5: If you’re struggling with brush marks, take a sanding block to gently sand down the door between your layers of paint. We recommend 2-3 for the perfect look.

Step 6: After letting the paint dry overnight, stick your hardware back on the door and reinstall. To take this DIY to the next level, switch up the doorknob for something eye-catching.


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