Mantle Decor Tips with Diagram

Mantle Decor Tips with DiagramMantle Decor Tips with Diagram

Are you trying to find new ideas to make your home look more beautiful? Try and change some things, add some new ones, redecorate the place where you spend more of your time when you are at home.

 Online you can find many, many websites that offer a variety of products that will help you in this matter. You can buy everything you need using the internet. Just make sure that you will not exaggerate with the new things. it is not necessary to put them all in one place.

 if you are trying to decorate your mantel, first of all, you should remove everything on it and begin with a palette that is fresh. It makes you see clearer so your creativity will know what needs to be done there.

 There are some tricks to start your mantel decor. One of them is to begin in the center of it and choose to put there something that is of a substantial size, like a mirror or a big picture that you like. This will be the main focal point of the mantel. Another one is that you choose things that make the eyes see movement. You can put some candles which move from the flickering flame or some items of varying heights and sizes.

 Another tip that you may use when you decorate your mantel is to install a secondary focal point that is not as big as the center one, but it still gives a punch. It is best to layer one piece in front of another. You can choose a vase with flowers or some branches that will sit in front of the big piece.

 Also, layering and staggering different sized items in front of each other is a must to create a cohesive composition. In order to do this you need photos, candles or other accessories.

 Along with layering, adding accessories that have varying heights is more engaging visually.It makes the eyes move up and down and across. You can create a wave effect with your mantel, starting low, going up, coming down, up again and finishing low.

 So, when you decorate your mantel, remember these tips: center one big piece, movement, visual weight, layering and varying heights.


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