Master Closet with Pass-thru to Laundry Room

Master Closet with Pass-thru to Laundry RoomMaster Closet with Pass thru to Laundry Room

 As women, we all dream of having a nice big closet! The problem appears when you have to share it with your someone. It is a very good idea to divide up the his and her stuff. This way you can keep your stuff in order, just like you want it to be.

 If you have managed to solve this problem, it may be another one: the laundry room. You can find laundry rooms in the basement, in most of the houses. That is the way they have sat in most homes, traditionally.

 Sometimes these rooms are little more than two appliances and a slop sink in an unfinished space.  Most people are looking for a better laundry experience. And there are many ideas that you may find really appealing, like creating a pass-through to the laundry room from the master closet. you do not necessarily need a laundry room that will take all the basement space.

 So, you can place all your laundry items in a small room incorporated in the other side of the master closet. It will be easier to take your clothes to be washed. Plus, you can use the basement for other kind of things, like storage, for example.

 There are so many great ideas that you can use when it comes to houses. it just takes a little bit of creativity and maybe a few hours of research, just to make sure that all that you are doing by yourself will turn out to be just perfect.

When you decide to build your home, you can hire a drafts person or just someone who knows what they’re doing and ask for them to make you a passage through the master closet to your laundry-room, They’ll be happy to do this for you and this idea will help you in the long term.


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    Hi. Do you have the info or website for this plan..Love it


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