Splash Some on Back

Splash Some on BackIt’s hard to add color to your kitchen without making it look gaudy. An elegant backsplash is an excellent way to add a hint of color while still keeping things stylish. You can purchase tiles in various colors and sizes from any Home Depot and Lowe’s, and stick them on your kitchen wall with some reliable grout. The tiles will give the kitchen walls dimension and make your kitchen pop. If you don’t have anything on your walls already, the tiles also serve as a barrier between the drywall and any accidental food splashes and cooking fumes.

 Splash Some on Back

 If you’re hesitant to make any changes to your kitchen, you could easily lay out a backsplash in your bathroom instead, that will complement your shower tiles and bring the entire room together. Or use the tiles as a decorative element to conceal any unattractive build-ins such as the tub or the sink.

 Tiles can be bought in various styles from stone, porcelain, and glass. If you’re stuck on a style, we recommend glass. Glass tiles are glossy and easy to clean in comparison to stone tiles, since stone tiles have tiny crevices and ridges. Yet, glass tiles reflect the light in a stunning matter, bringing light to your room instead of dulling it down as what would occur with porcelain. To give a little something extra, pick individual tiles to stick in-between your main tiles for an added flourish. You could even paint some glossy or sparkly textures onto the tiles for some added pizazz.


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