The WOW Factor

The WOW FactorThe WOW Factor

Having a gigantic house like this one- Wow, just wow! With a house like this you could host fancy parties, sleepovers, and whatnot. Lights at every corner of your house looks magnificent, just like on the photo above. Bricks or stone instead of cement, makes your house more sturdy. Instead of regular windows, decorate with huge windows or a little place for glass, over looking the backyard with the garden and the pool.

Match the bricks or stone with a warm colored roof. The color blue made the house look royal. Other than those, those stairs are just fancy, don’t you think? Even before, in the old times, stairs are fancy and they made the house look more grand. The pool on the other hand is a luxury.

You can have a barbecue party around the pool, have a children’s party, or any party, I’m pretty sure everybody loves the aura of the pool, as well as swimming in it. You can even relax ad unwind by yourself at the pool. Or have a family get together at your place.

For the garden, you can have garden tables and chairs The WOW Factor for when you like to dine outside such as breakfast and snack times. For the kids, you can place their mini playhouses The WOW Factor , tents The WOW Factor , mini slides The WOW Factor

, and whatnot on one are of the garden. Anything is possible with our imagination.

Be inspired with the photo above. You can make a house just like on the photo above. You can also remodel your house. Just imagine and be creative! icon smile The WOW Factor


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